Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vietnamese Visa - Its A Cinch!

Okay, so I don't know why those awful travel sites make it so difficult to understand the visa application process but it turned out to be a snap!  Certified mail got the package there in two business days and it was turned around in a day and a half, despite the Vietnamese national holiday that closed the Embassy that Monday.  They got the package on a Tuesday morning and had it back in the mail by Wednesday afternoon.  I got it that Friday.  It was amazingly easy--5 business days!  Anyone attempting to get a Vietnamese visa should definitely do it on their own rather than paying for a 3rd party to do it for them.  Not only will you save the money but there's really no headache involved.  You don't need a sponsor or anything like that in the country for your application.  They'll approve it without that section filled out as long as you're a tourist.  There's really nothing complicated about the process and its easy to do on your own.  Save the money and skip the 3rd party vendors who are just out there to muddle the process and make a buck.

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