Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane!

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Well, not yet.  Not exactly.  I'm wrapping up my final night in DC by finishing up a few things on the computer that I (surprise!) procrastinated on.  I attempted to see The Physics of Meaning play in Shirlington tonight but it fell through when they changed venues and times without a heads up.  Bummer.  But the upside is that I got to catch up with a friend from my old advertising job over an early dinner beforehand and I caught a ride to my old neighborhood and walked around the Clarendon/Courthouse area of Arlington for a little while this evening.  It seemed fitting to conclude my trip to DC by ending it in my old stomping grounds.

I leave first thing in the morning from Stephen's place in Capitol Hill and am using public transportation to make the long haul out to Dulles.  Stephen was nice enough to come pick me up from BWI when I flew in and I'd be putting him out more than a little (he'd be fighting rush hour commuters back into the city) if he were to take me to the airport this time around.  Its all good though.  Done it tons of times before.  Not looking forward to the early start but I'm sure it'll make falling asleep on the 13 hour plane ride to Tokyo MUCH easier.  That and all the free booze they dish out on international flights....

So I conclude with a farewell to all!  I'll do my very best to update posts and photos as frequently as possible.  There will no doubt be lots to share!  Cheers!

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