Friday, September 19, 2008

The Beauty of Snail Mail

I thought I had made all the tough decisions about confirming my travel plans. It wasn't an easy task but I was locked, loaded and ready to go. And then David came along and shook things up. I've always wanted to spend an extended amount of time in Australia and New Zealand and suspected that I would fall so much in love with the area that I wouldn't want to leave. I was extremely disappointed when my original itinerary had to be condensed and those countries got the axe.

David's original plan was to spend 3-4 months in New Zealand kayaking and I thought it would have been cool to head down there to meet up with him, as our trips were supposed to overlap. He moved things around to join me in Asia and asked me the right questions at exactly the right time. Why not come with me to Australia and New Zealand? Why not go to see the things you've always wanted to see? You're in the area and already on the move. It makes perfect sense. Especially since it won't be alone. Although my name would probably be mud if I didn't make it home for Christmas this year and I might be wearing out my welcome for my dog at my parents house by leaving him for six months, the idea of just going is extremely appealing.

One of the biggest things I hope to get out of all this travel is just to be. And my whirlwind pace is not exactly conducive to that idea. Extending my trip for an additional four months would most certainly allow me to achieve that goal and give me time enough to see the things I'd like Down Under. I'm trying to get my head around the concept of being gone for so long. Its a good thing I sent my check through the mail instead of paying with my credit card because, once again, my travel agent, Kristina, has her hands full!

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